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Hiking on the Aletsch Glacier in the winter

Appointment with the beauty of the Valais for hiking

"Beauty is the spirit of the world. Enjoying beauty means understanding the world": wise words of writer Otto Julius Bierbaum. Where can this beauty be captured better than in the winter while hiking on the Aletsch Glacier?

Each snowflake embellishes the gown of the Valais Alps. Each ray of sunshine makes the Riederalp beam even more. And in the winter while hiking in Switzerland you are firmly engaged with this beauty.

Hiking trails in the Aletsch area - Hike on the Riederalp in the winter

72 kilometres of blazed winter hiking trails lead you with snow-packed shoes through the Aletsch Arena. By all means include the Gratweg ridge trail from Moosfluh to the Riederfurka in your hike in the Valais. It leads along the Aletsch Glacier - the longest glacier in the Alps. For this reason alone, the Gratweg is most certainly one of the most beautiful high-elevation hiking trails in the Alps.

Tips for hiking in Switzerland in the Aletsch Arena

Our winter hiking tips for you on your holiday at Art Furrer hotels:

  • Start on the Riederalp and hike the Herrenweg to Bettermalp. Admire the lookout to the Mischabel group, to the Matterhorn and the Weisshorn, as well as the Rhone Valley You can extend your tour by several beautiful kilometres on the panoramic trail and hike via the Bättmer-Hitta and the Laxeralp to the Fiescheralp in Switzerland. From here ride the cable car to the Eggishorn (2,869 m) and linger at the lookout over the entire Aletsch Glacier.
  • In the evening, take a stroll on the Herrenweg mentioned above to the Bettmeralp and back. The trail is lighted and therefore ideal for a romantic hike on crunching snow.
  • A circular route leads you in about 2½ hours from the Riederalp or Golmenegg via Gopplerluecke and the Bettmersee to the Bettmeralp. From there you can hike to Riederalp centre.

You can view the hiking routes for the Aletsch Glacier on an interactive map.