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Hiking in Valais - At your destination with every step

From the sea of ice to the mountain lake while hiking the Aletsch Glacier

With every step you are at your destination. Because when you're hiking on the Aletsch Glacier, each metre allow you a further view to the beauty of nature. The Aletsch sea of ice with the massive Concordia. Mighty moraine hillsides that formed over thousands of years. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, the mirrors of a hiking paradise.

Hit the trail to the Riederalp for hiking in Valais - over 100 km of signposted hiking trails in the Aletsch Arena reveal the superlative of the Swiss Alps.

Tips for hiking Switzerland

Hiking tips from your Art Furrer hotels:

  • Glacier trail via Moosflu - Märjelensee - Riederalp. You hike parallel to the Aletsch Glacier with a fantastic view and fresh breezes that flow upward from the sea of ice.
  • Massaweg hiking trail: Hike from Blatten ob Naters, Blattnerschliecht to Gibidumbrücke bridge, Gragg, to the Riederi (a water main from the 14th century) to Ried-Mörel, and take the gondola cableway to the Riederalp. Excellent views on the Rhone Valley!
  • UNESCO high trail/Gratweg ridge trail: The Gratweg ridge trail between the Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn is counted among the most beautiful tours in Valais. Aletschhorn, Jungfrau, Rhone Valley, Mischabel group and the Matterhorn will impress you during your Valais hike.
  • Blausee: Only 15 min. away from the Moosfluh cableway station or from the Aletsch Glacier. A beautiful lake and a genuine children's paradise.
  • Hiking Riederalp: From the Riederalp, there are guided tours nearly every day with experienced hikers and mountain guides.

Hiking in Valais - Going on holiday on the Riederalp

Come a bit closer to your destination: Book your hiking holiday on the Riederalp at Art Furrer hotels. The Aletsch pass is already included in our hiking packages. With this pass, you have free access to all the mountain cableways in the Aletsch Arena - Hike in Switzerland on the Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp in the summer season without having to purchase any other ticket.

Hiking packages from Art Furrer hotels - Culinary trekking in Valais

With our hiking packages, combine your hiking experience with the finest in Swiss cuisine.

  • Suspension bridge hike: Dare an exceptional hike with refreshments at Berghotel Riederfurka and a picnic at Grünsee lakewhile on the way.

    Your route on the Aletsch hike: Riederalp - Riederfurka - Aletsch Forest - Bischofssitz - Silbersand - Grünsee - suspension bridge - Teiffe Wald - Riederfurka - Riederalp.

    Your treat: 1 drink of your choice & 1 sweet refreshment at Berghotel Riederfurka; there you will receive your "survival food box" for the way ahead: 1 small bottle of Fendant as an aperitif at Bischofssitz; Cailler Branchli (chocolate) for the way from Silbersand to the idyllic Grünsee; picnic with 5 dl Dôle Maison from Candide Bridy of Savièse, rye bread, Valais dried meat specialties, homemade sausage, fruit, candy, sweets, mineral water, 1 Victorinox "Art Furrer" Swiss Army knife at the Grünsee; Cailler Branchli and a Coca-Cola for the daring path over the 124-metre long suspension bridge, which connects the Belalp with the Riederalp. On the Riederfurka, you will get another drink after about 1½ hours hiking time, as well as a slice of homemade fruitcake.

    Price: CHF 60 for 2 persons

  • Hiking around the Riederhorn place of power:Follow the tracks of Sir Ernest Cassel while hiking Switzerland around the Riederhorn place of power, the local mountain of Riederalp, with a 360-degree panoramic view of extremely rare quality.

    Your route: Riederalp - Riederfurka - Casselweg - Villa Cassel/Pro Natura Center Aletsch - Riederfurka - Riederalp

    Your treat: 1 drink of your choice at Berghotel Riederfurka, picnic on the "Casselweg" learning trail rich in anecdotes, where wealthy Englishmen once spent their summers. Your picnic basket includes, for instance, 1 bottle of Fendant "My Wii", mineral water, salmon bread roll, dried meat canapés, fruit, sweets, tablecloth.

    Price: CHF 65 for 2 persons

Book your culinary hike directly at the reception desk of your Art Furrer hotel, on our hotline 41 8444 4448 8 or at