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Hotel on the golf course - Golf in the mountains

Play golf on the highest situated golf course in Europe

Where impressive four-thousanders sit enthroned at our hotel on the golf course, the game with a small golf ball acquires an entirely new magnitude. On the Riederalp, play in a prime location on our sun-kissed high plateau at the hotel on the golf course with a view to the world-famous Matterhorn.

You will not be teeing off here at the foot of the Alps. Rather, you will find yourself on the highest situated golf course in Europe in the middle of the fantastic Alpine world at an elevation of 1,925 m.

Your golf course on the Riederalp at the hotel on the golf course

The golf course is situated on a hill moor like a glorious park, directly in front of Hotel Royal on the Riederalp, your hotel on the golf course. The course (par 60) for your extraordinary game in Valais measures 3,112 m (9-hole) and the entire course is flat.

Intro courses for anyone - even for families & groups - provide an opportunity to gain insight into the sport of golf. Beginners will start their golf hobby on the Riederalp golf course in unparalleled conditions. Because on one hand, the Matterhorn is the constant spectator of the golf games; on the other hand, you will obtain here your golf course license on holes named after the mighty mountains.

But that isn't meant to scare you off; rather it will motivate you toward a powerful stroke on the green at the hotel on the golf course. Advanced players will also improve their handicap here.

Here you will find further information on the Riederalp Golf Club...

We would be glad to provide you with information by telephone or e-mail. You can reach us on:

  • Tel. 41 (0)844 444 488

Courses & memberships in the Riederalp Golf Club at the hotel on the golf course

  • In the weekly intensive courses for beginners and advanced players, an effortless introduction to the sport of golf and an improvement to your golf game is guaranteed.
  • There are two-hour intro courses every Wednesday (CHF 50).
  • In addition, you will learn in private lessons the technical and tactical tricks of the sport of golf.
  • Club memberships in the Riederalp Golf Club: Initial membership fee CHF 4,000, annual subscription CHF 800, Association Suisse de Golf (ASG) membership card CHF 65; juniors do not pay an initial membership fee, active resident member annual subscription CHF 150, non-resident member annual subscription CHF 400.

Golf tournament weeks at the hotel on the golf course & deals

In August and September passionate golfers gather for golf tournament weeks on the Riederalp. All the same, a tournament is played almost every weekend. Don't miss it!