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Hotel with an indoor pool and game room

Family holiday on the Riederalp

Here small guests are invited to play! In the winter, Hotel Art Furrer is specially geared toward families with children. Restaurant Arti adjusts its buffet to children's tastes. As a hotel with a game room as well as an indoor pool, children have variety at our hotel if they want to spend some time indoors. Otherwise, nature entices you to an exciting family holiday on the Riederalp.

Family restaurant at the hotel with a game room

Parents know: Gourmet menus or exotic dishes are not too tempting for children. Instead, noodles of all kinds, classic sauces, chips or potatoes are in demand. They can (and should) also get their share of vegetables on their plates, but these are child-oriented and are surely not exclusive. Hotel Art Furrer with a game room offers at the buffet a selection of child-friendly dishes and variety for adults.

When the kids are full - if they are feeling independent enough - they will gladly run into the nearby game room while their parents continue to eat in peace.

Fun at the hotel with a game room

Do you prefer playing softball, reading or painting? Our hotel with a game room gives children space to keep busy with various playthings. Here, small children have stuffed animals to cuddle, toy cars for test drives on play rugs or building bricks to spark their creativity.

Preschool-age children are enticed by the blackboard for doodling with chalk or books to be immersed in stories. Older children will rather want to spend some time in front of the Playstation.

Even if the main playroom on the Riederalp is really the nature outside, our indoor offering at the hotel with a game room is open from 9 AM to 10 PM. The game room is not supervised.

Swimming in the Alps at the hotel with an indoor pool

Even in the Alps you don't have to go without splashing in the water. Our hotel has a unique indoor pool on the Riederalp. Swim here with your children on family holiday in the Valais, then go out to the playgrounds and to the fun park, or in the winter to the children's ski area at the centre of the village. Water & mountains, a wonderful combination on family holiday.

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