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Hotel Alpenrose wellness area

On a mountaintop in a hot tub - Majestic relaxation

Sure, a hot tub is primarily there to bubble. But let the water settle down a moment - and draw in the hilltops, trees and in winter, the snow through the panorama windows in the hot tub of Hotel Alpenrose. Beautiful!

When the hot tub starts up, the idyllic scene dissipates on the reflective surface of the water. But don't worry, the mountains outside remain and will continue to provide for exceptional hot tub enjoyment.

Light display & eucalyptus fragrance - Sauna at the Alpenrose

In our sauna, your relaxation experience is accompanied by a light display. While the dry heat settles over your body and you feel pleasantly faint, small lights on the ceiling of the sauna change colours.

A green sea of lights turns red and then changes to a twinkling yellow overhead like stars. Thus your sauna experience is all the more fun!

Breathe in the soothing fragrance of eucalyptus in our steam bath. Its effect is liberating and calming.

Refresher & birds' chirping

After the sauna and steam bath, your body will be pleased with a refresher in the ice shower. In our multisensory shower, birds chirp and pleasant aromas pour out over you - together with a fine mist or jet of water from above. Or select the programme to activate the water nozzles from the sides and enjoy the light display.

Enter our Kneipp rotary on stones and let warm and cold water trickle along your calves. This helps contribute to good circulation.

Resting before an impressive panorama

Dream with your eyes open … of impressive nature. It's no dream here in our country. Sit back in our wellness recliners and on our stone couches. And enjoy the view. Mountains that could not be any more beautiful. Feel the power of these thousands-of-years old formations of nature. Take your cue from the serenity of the mountains. Give yourself some time for rest.

Have a desire for relaxation? Then book your stay at Hotel Alpenrose.


Massages at Hotel Alpenrose

Only when body and mind come to rest does the inner light begin to shine. Our wellness team helps you enter a deep relaxation.

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