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Holiday in Valais with Riederalp & Aletsch

Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site: Impressive nature

"All of nature is a melody, in which a deep harmony is concealed" (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). On holiday in Valais, this melody sounds particularly sweet. The snowflakes of one accord, the powerful Aletsch, the gentlly swaying grasses of the Alps …

At our hotel on the glacier, you will be staying almost directly on the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its main attraction, the Aletsch Glacier. This ice titan stretches out over almost 23 km and impresses our guests in the summer as well as in winter.

Aletsch Glacier: The longest and largest glacier in the Alps

Internalise the story of the Aletsch Glacier: Roughly 24,000 years ago, there was an expansive sea of ice in Valais. The ice sheet over the Riederfurka, where our mountain hotel - the hotel on the Aletsch - stands today, was several hundred metres thick. With their vast power, the "ice shields" formed and polished the Alps.

What you see on your holiday in Switzerland in the Aletsch Arena of Valais - smooth curvatures, recesses, striations, moraines and ground basins, into which lakes have collected - we owe to the glaciation and melt-off of bygone millennia.

This tremendous power is still noticeable today from the Jungfraujoch to the Rhone Valley, where the Aletsch Glacier, the longest and largest glacier in the Alps, stands in defiance of global warming. Our tip: Ride the cable car to the Eggishorn and marvel at the Aletsch sea of ice in all its splendour from above.

Variety of plant life - Pro Natura Center Aletsch

Experience vegetation rich in variety around the Great Aletsch Glacier: Meadows, barren landscapes, the Aletsch Forest nature reserve with the oldest trees in Switzerland, beautiful Alpine plants

Visit the Pro Natura Center Aletsch in Villa Cassel during your stay at our hotel on the glacier. Here, only a few metres away from our Berghotel Riederfurka, learn everything there is to know about the formation of this invaluable region and experience it on excursions.

But even the Pro Natura Center Aletsch building is worth a visit on your holiday in Valais. The one-time summer residence of the wealthy Englishman Sir Ernest Cassel, a half-timber house plotted in 1899, it looks almost magical at an elevation of 2,000 m.