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Riederfurka - Your mountain hotel in Switzerland

Hotel on the Riederalp at the Aletsch Glacier place of power

The mountains are stately witnesses to thousands of years, and seems - in summer and in winter - unaware of the circumstances. Internalise their strong presence during your stay at our mountain hotel in Switzerland. Nowhere can you experience this better than in the Riederfurka, the mountain hotel of Art Furrer hotels.

Hotel in the Valais in the midst of grandiose nature

At the foot of the Riederhorn, you are directly on the ski slope. Only the historic Villa Cassel - long ago a chic summer residence and now a matchless nature conservation centre - is in the neighbourhood. Apart from that only pristine mountain panoramas ...

As a guest at Riederfurka in Switzerland, you are part of the grandiose nature of the Aletsch plateau. At the gate to the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site, the snow shines in all its glory during the winter months. In summer it is an idyllic place, inviting you to an extended break from your everyday.

Rooms, seminars & retreat at Berghotel Riederfurka

50 group accommodations make guesthouses of Berghotel Riederfurka appealing for smaller workshops, for school and program excursions and for anyone who loves nature.

But anyone who wants to stop by for a ski holiday or hiking will also find fantastic views and various culinary offerings here at our mountain hotel in Switzerland.

Then come to the Riederfurka, when no one else is there! Pure tranquility - an absolutely sustainable luxury product !!

The hotel is not centrally heated due to a major loss event! You can get a room for CHF 25 per night. Including a warm bed bottle and a schnaps. Upon request, you will receive a mobile electric stove for CHF 10 per night. Please book online ....
The group sleep places are also online bookable and also cost only CHF 25 per night. There is no breakfast on the Riederfurka, for free coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

Hotel on the Riederalp - Strength for everyday life

Embed in your heart the powerful impressions that captivate you on the Aletsch plateau at the hotel on the Riederalp. These sights also give you strength and energy for your everyday life and allow you to put a bit of excitement into perspective.

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